Last week, all of the LDA Chapters across the province of Ontario had the opportunity to get together for a couple of days to network, share ideas, learn about new LDAO initiatives, and work on developing a consistent brand for LDAs across the province.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend, along with Shelley, who is one of our Board Members (Shelley is also one of our guest bloggers, check out her most recent post, Issues Facing Adult Literacy Learners).

It was great to hear about some of the innovative initiatives that other LDA Chapters across the province have been providing.  Between mentoring programs, entrepreneurial programs, having ambassadors and champions, publishing research in peer-reviewed journals, LDAs across the province are helping people with LD/ADHD achieve success.  Shelley and I came back from the meeting with lots of ideas of things we can try here in Windsor – Essex.

LD@School and TA@l’école

LD@SchoolIn my opinion, one of the most exciting things to hear about was LDAO’s new initiative, called LD@School (or TA@l’école in French).  This project is funded by the Ministry of Education, and is a website that offers free resources for educators who work with students with learning disabilities.  There is an English version of the website (www.LDatSchool.ca) and a French version of the website (www.TAaLecole.ca).  The websites are a work-in-progress, so new resources are being added all of the time.  There is currently:

  • various articles (written by LDAO staff and school board contributors);
  • English and French videos created in collaboration with Ontario educators;
  • practical summaries of strategies, practices, and approaches that educators can put directly to work in their classrooms;
  • sign-up page for upcoming webinars;
  • links to relevant websites with additional resources;
  • links to documents prepared specifically for educators from a variety of educational organizations; and
  • information relating to LDAO’s one-day Educators’ Institute being held on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 (there will be English and French workshops).


LDAO is currently looking for inspirational youth with learning disabilities who would be interested in submitting a Success Story for the website.  If you are someone you know would like to share their story, please contact LDAO at info@LDatSchool.ca or info@TAaLecole.ca.

2 thoughts on “LD@School

  1. I had the opportunity to participate in the webinar “The Evolution and Future of Assistive Technology – Mobile Learning in a Digital World” through LD@school last week. It was well presented, informative and I learned a few new things. It’s definitely helpful to anyone wanting to learn more about supporting individuals with learning disabilities.

  2. Hi Mary Ann, considering your expertise with Assistive Technology, I’m excited that you learned some new things in the webinar. It must have been a very informative webinar!

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