6 months

I just finished with our 6 month checkup with the Psychiatrist for both my boys.  For the first time ever I had nothing really to report. Home is good, school is good, day to day living (self help skills, friendship, extracurriculars) all good. At the end of our visit the doctor shared that he wished his medical resident was with him today because so often he sees kids with diagnosis like my boys (and C has even more than most) and those other kids are struggling and their parents are struggling and for many the school is struggling.

Then he asked me what I thought made the difference for my boys. I answered humbly, but truthfully – we work like crazy as a family to give the boys what they need (like structure and routines) and we work closely with the schools – including making sure our boys have the accommodations that they so desperately need.  In turn the schools have really risen to the challenge and both are doing a great job. C just recently received  an 81% in Science and J received mostly all B’s with an A in Gym. We also have a lot of support for C outside of school as well.

It makes me sad though for other families that struggle – where one or both parents have their own issues attributable to ADHD or LD or mental health concerns. Parents who just don’t know what their rights are when it comes to school or who are afraid to try to work with the school because they just don’t know how. I feel bad for parents who get schools that, for whatever reason, do not want to work with the child and parents to make school a better experience for all. I feel bad for parents who don’t get the help they need for their child – for example just having ADHD in this city will not get you services.

It’s amazing to me that despite years of research we don’t have a parenting class for those parenting a child with ADHD and/or LD, a place where parents can learn various strategies (and choose what works for their families) as well as a chance to mingle with other parents and perhaps forge new friendships.

In the end my boys are doing well and for that I am eternally grateful.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiring post!

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