Back to School

back-to-school1Every September brings excitement and jitters – and I’m not talking about my kids. I’m referring to me.

I worry what kind of teachers they will get.  I worry less for my older son now that he is in highschool. But for my youngest I know that it is the teacher that will make or break his year.

He almost always likes his teacher – he’s been lucky and primarily had very nice teachers. But nice isn’t necessarily what a child with severe ADHD truly needs.

What he needs is an organized but not overly cluttered classroom. He needs a desk – not a shared table like is so popular now but his own set piece of real estate. He needs a teacher that can ignore his movement in his chair and the inevitable times he falls out of his desk each day.  He needs help to organize himself and a set of eyes to make sure he has written down homework and has important papers in his agenda.  He needs a teacher that is creative and very hands on who has the kids do more than just worksheet after worksheet. He needs a teacher that realizes keeping in a child with ADHD at recess to finish school work is a bad idea all around.

Most of all he needs a teacher that can see past all that is ADHD and can make a school day challenging and see past it and see my beautiful and caring young man.

Afterall, as his teacher last year commented “He just gives 110% to everything he does”

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