Teaching and ADHD- Communication is Key

Torn Post-It Notes
I cannot stress enough how essential communication is. The child is most likely to succeed when all people involved in the child’s life work towards the common goal of helping them achieve their potential together. Things such as:
• assignment books and agendas where written communication can happen on a daily basis,
• phone calls,
• meetings,
• progress reports, and
• sharing strategies that have been shown to assist the child (see my previous blog post on study skills).
These are just a few examples of what teachers and parents can do.

Another important tip about effectively communicating is to be concise and to be clear about what you wish to convey in the beginning. For example, your main goal may be to inform parents/caregivers about a specific issue, obtain information, or initiate a specific action or change in behavior from the child. People need to know in advance what you expect from your communication.

This also leads into the concept to staying on topic and trying not to digress from your common goal before the matter has been fully explored.  Make sure everything you say has to do with the desired outcome. If you have already thought through the issues and the essence of the ideas that you wish to put across, it is likely that certain main ideas will stick in your mind.  It is important to repeat these and make sure you and the other person are on the same page. This will cause less inconsistency and create a more reliable and dependable structure for the child.

How well do you communicate with the child’s teacher/parent?

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