My Biggest Secret

SecretI love my job.  Whew… there, I said it.

I’m not making that up either.  Well, OK… I’ll admit that I’ve been in a situation or two where I’ve thought, “Wow, I really don’t get paid enough for this.”  But overall, I love my job.

I had been volunteering for LDAWE for many years while I was in school.  Once I finished my business degree, LDAWE’s Executive Director, Bev Clarke, asked me to work for LDAWE as the Resource Manager.  I was terrified at the thought.  I was horrible at asking people for things (I still am), so having part of my job responsibilities include being the fundraiser for the organization was scary.  So, I told her no.  Actually, if I remember correctly, I said no about 8 times during our 5 minute conversation.  However, at the end of that 5 minute phone call, I ended up saying yes (those of you who know Bev, will not be surprised by that… she’s quite convincing).

At first, I never answered a phone call.  My duties included all financial aspects of the organization (i.e. bookkeeping, payroll, etc…), fundraising, and volunteer management.  Even without having any contact with our clients, I loved my job.  Just knowing that the job I was doing was indirectly helping people with learning disabilities was enough to keep me satisfied.

A year later, Bev convinced me that I would make a good Job Developer/Coach.  This allowed me to work directly with our clients and help them find and (hopefully) keep a job.  A year or two after that, I told Bev that I wanted to be the lead on our assistive technology project.  Now, I answer the phones all the time, answer a wide variety of questions, and have even developed a couple of our programs.

About 4 years ago, I went back to school part-time to get my MBA.  Everyone assumed that I would leave LDAWE right after getting my MBA… but I haven’t.  Co-workers, family members, and friends often send me job postings… and usually I don’t even bother to open them.  So, why do I stay with LDAWE even though I could go find a job somewhere else?

Is it because of the money?  ha…ha… No.

It is because:

  • I have a boss that allows me the freedom to try new things (even when she doesn’t agree with me)
  • I get to be involved with all aspects of running the Association
  • I have the opportunity to work with amazing people (our clients, volunteers, and staff)

Most importantly, it is because every day that I come to work, I have the opportunity to have a direct and positive impact on someone’s life… and to me, that’s priceless.

Do you love your job?  Is it worth the extra money to have a job that you hate going to every day?  Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “My Biggest Secret

  1. I think your secret was out as it is so clear that you love your job by the dedication you show doing it. It was really neat to learn about how you grew into and how you overcame your initial apprehension.

  2. Well, I guess I couldn’t fool everyone! Thanks Erin.

  3. This is the second time I’ve been to your website. Thnx for sharing more information.

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